PTA Units and Councils

Q. When is the deadline to submit applications and payment to Thirty-Third District PTA?


A. Thirty-Third District PTA must receive completed applications, copies of membership cards, and check(s) from council PTAs by December 11, 2019. Each council PTA should set their own deadlines accordingly, to allow enough time for their unit PTAs to submit applications to council, then for council to send completed applications, copies of membership cards, and payment of $700 per participant to Thirty-Third District PTA.

Q. Who pays for delegates and chaperones?

A. Check your bylaws and budget. Many council PTAs have budgeted line items specifically for Sacramento Safari participants. Unit PTAs may also have budgeted line items for delegate(s) and chaperone(s) attendees. If your unit or council has not budgeted for Sacramento Safari and would like to sponsor delegates, please contact your council or Thirty-Third District PTA mentor for assistance regarding how to budget for this program.

Q. How are delegates chosen?

A. There are many ways to select delegates. If councils/units have not established guidelines for this process, they may wish to seek the advice of their superintendents/principals. Councils: your Thirty-Third District PTA mentors, Director of  Legislation, and Sacramento Safari Chairperson are also available to assist as well.

Student and Adult Delegates

Q. Do I pay anything for Sacramento Safari?

A. The $700 registration fee covers all expenses--transportation (airfare for Los Angeles / Sacramento; shuttle service while in Sacramento), hotel, meals (day 1 lunch and dinner; day 2 breakfast, lunch, and dinner; day 3 breakfast and lunch). Please check with your local PTA unit or council whether they will pay for your registration fee.

Q. Do I really need to attend the orientation meeting?

A. YES! If you cannot make the commitment to attend the meeting, please do not apply. Important information will be presented and instructions provided.

Q. Can I cancel my reservation?

A. We can make substitutions if we are notified before January 27, 2020. There will be NO REFUNDS given once Thirty-Third District PTA receives payment in December, 2019.


Q. Who pays for my expenses?

A. Please check with your unit and council. There must be a 4:1 student-to-chaperone ratio.

Q. If I'm a chaperone, can I be an adult delegate as well?

​A. Yes. However, as a chaperone, your primary responsibility should be the well-being and safety of your students. All chaperones will participate in the same program schedule (including keynote speaker presentations, meetings with legislators, and meals) as student and adult delegates, in addition to gaining valuable insight into the legislative system.

Q. Upon our return to Los Angeles International Airport, do I need to wait for all my unit/council students to be picked up by their designated parents/guardians before I leave the airport?

A. YES! Chaperones MUST arrange with the parents/guardians of their student(s) for timely drop off/pick up at the airport. YOU MAY NOT LEAVE BEFORE YOUR STUDENT(S) IS/ARE DROPPED OFF/PICKED UP.

Q. Day 1 and Day 2 end at 9:30 p.m. After this, are students and/or chaperones allowed to leave the hotel?

A. No. Our entire Thirty-Third District PTA delegation must remain at the hotel in the evening.


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